About us

Myriam Soselios is an award winning designer who is known for pushing the boundaries of jewellery design. Her designs have taken inspiration from unexpected places – architecture, space and for her most personal pieces the wearers themselves. Myriam plays with innovative techniques, unconventional materials and challenges the functionality of jewellery itself. She creates bold and unique designs that empower the wearer to be themselves, express their individuality and be different. 

Our brand

Today Myriam Soseilos jewellery is sold online and at various stockists across the world. It aims to be both a responsible and sustainable brand ensuring that the end to end manufacturing process uses ethically sourced materials and sustainable techniques.

About Myriam 

Myriam started her design career by making jewellery in her spare time, while working at a top communications agency. When people started to ask if they could buy her pieces and if she could bespoke and personalised design for them, she decided to follow her passion and focus exclusively on training and building her business. She won an award for one of the pieces in her very first collection and she has never looked back!

90% of the metal we use
is 100% recycled

Our diamonds are from
conflict free sources

All of our sources support
the local economy

Our awards

“Innovation award”, National Association of Jewellers 2019

“International Jewellery Designer of the Year”, International Trade and Export Awards 2017

“Designer of the Year”, Madame Figaro International Award 2015

“New Designer of the Year”,  U.K. Watch and Jewellery Awards 2014

“Designer of the Year”, London Jewellery Week 2013

Responsible jewellery 

Our brand’s philosophy is to handcraft jewellery created from materials that are “ethically sourced” and processed with consideration to the environment and social impact. We make our sources as transparent as possible

90% of the precious metal we use is 100% recycled and indistinguishable from new metal thus, reducing the ecological risk involved in mining new metal

Our diamonds are obtained from conflict free sources and are laser-inscribed with a tracking number that traces the stone back to its mine

We work, upon request, with lab created diamonds that match the appearance, structure and durability of the natural gems and offer this sustainable option for the eco-conscious consumer

We verify that our sources for all the gems we use, promote worker well being and support the local economy 

We are an Eco-friendly brand making every effort possible to ensure that each piece produced brings the least amount of harm to the environment and to the craftsmen involved in the production process

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